“Counting Our Blessings” is the title of an article by Eddie Cross, a member of Zimbabwe’s parliament. Despite all the problems that unfortunate country is currently facing, he paints a positive picture of a nation whose citizens are certainly capable of climbing out of the morass and achieving great things, once they unshackle themselves of the current incompetent and corrupt leadership.  Says Mr. Cross:

How do we do it? In the middle of a political, economic and social crisis we not only keep standing, but we deliver superb services on very little and our kids do well wherever they go in the world. Of course, in many areas we are a disaster, unemployment at 90 per cent of all adults, very poor standards at government schools and lousy, overcrowded State controlled hospitals. But wherever you go you will find friendly staff who will go the second mile for you. I paid my telephone account this morning – clean post office, shiny floors, two pleasant and helpful ladies at the desk, 2 minutes and I was out the door. I know all about the negatives – the corruption, the road blocks, poor service in the Civil Service, nightmare conditions at the borders, but there are so many positives if you look for them. 

Change will be coming soon to Zimbabwe, once the jewel of Africa, as Tanzania’s  Julius Nyerere described it in 1981. Mr. Cross is right. Zimbabweans will once again demonstrate that they are deserving of the http://msatheists.org/ world’s goodwill and investment that they once enjoyed. The article first appeared on his website: http://www.eddiecross.africanherd.com on September 8, 2017.


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